We offer free consults to discuss your case in advance of future surgeries, particularly to establish what type of surgery would best suit your lifestyle, goals, and needs. We especially like the opportunity to discuss your case alongside the surgeon that will be performing your procedure. If this is your first amputation surgery, this appointment can bring a greater sense of “preparedness” for what is to come, while addressing the “fear of the unknown.”


If you have been admitted to the hospital and are in need of a visit to address limb healing, fitting of a compression stocking, questions about your healing/rehab process, or need adjustments to your existing prosthesis, we are happy to schedule times to visit you while you are there.

Prosthetic Evaluations

Whether you are new to prosthetics or have used one for several years, we provide no-obligation evaluations to assist in getting you set up with the customized prosthesis to fit your needs or perform an evaluation of your current device to determine your candidacy for newer technology and systems from which you may benefit. There are scenarios where you may even trial new systems to see how well they may work for you. Contact us for more details.


We offer a unique advantage in that you have access to an entire medical staff, including our team of vascular surgeons, in addition to our prosthetic services. We often aim to coordinate your appointments so that you can have multiple procedures/services done on the same day, freeing up more room in your schedule. In the event that you find during one of your prosthetic appointments the need for a medical professional to look into an unforeseen medical issue, we are able to pull a member from our medical staff to see you without a scheduled appointment. Our patients are very appreciative of this feature in our Complete Care Process.

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